Game Art

I have created 2D and 3D art for premium online games. From concept, design bible, prototype, execution process, up to development implementation, and testing. Passion and years of practice as a designer and illustrator.


From hand-drawn concept sketch to final graphic asset for premium online games.

Fully Rendered

Just some of the pixel perfect quality illustrations I did. From cartoonish to realistic, and simple to complex styles.


Traditional, digital painting, and vector art background or environment illustrations.


Stylized unique and memorable game logotypes for various themes.

Interface Design

Research based interface development designed for the intended users.

Art Directed and designed Royal Rich Slots from the ground up. It is a mobile online gaming application with tons of themes and features! 

  • UX and UI Design
  • Concept Development
  • Style Guide
  • Prototype
  • Illustrations
  • Art implementation
  • Development support
  • Art bug fixes
  • Testing

Research & Concept

Book of Shangri-La was one of the most successful games that I pitched. I also designed most of this game’s art assets, from sketches to final art.

I have worked for more than 10 different games, each with its art direction and style. Designing fun and engaging game interface elements and layout. From simple to complex styles.

Amazing Game Features

Conceptualizing and designing awesome game features that give players more ways to enjoy the game, win more points and prizes!

Thank You!