Emi’s Kicks – Brand Identity


Emi’s Kicks is a local family-owned shoe company that makes high-quality, hand-made footwear products for the entire family. To stand out amongst its competition and promote its vision, an effective brand identity needs to be designed and developed.


Creation of a brand identity for Emi’s Kicks that translates the company’s endeavours, and represents its mission and vision.

The illustrated shoe icon, combined with the brand name in a hand-drawn style, represents the hand-made shoe production process of the company. The stroke of the logo in different thickness visualizes flow and activity, which makes it dynamic, along with the bold red color. These elements represent passion, energy, health, creativity, confidence, and warmth, which are the tones the brand is aiming to communicate to families looking for the best local footwear.

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Published by jburieta

Multimedia Artist